Fast Food Fitness Tracker?

McDonald's is recalling millions of fitness trackers sold with Happy Meals. Why? Check out Scott Stein's hilarious CNET review of of the now-unavailable Happy Meal Step-It.

Spoiler alert: it tracked eating french fries better than steps!

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Success Story – Peggy Malouse

Peggy had heard of bariatric surgery but never saw it as a viable possibility for herself. After a consultation with Dr. Belott, she knew she was ready. Read more and watch Peggy's inspirational testimonial video where she describes life after dropping from a size 30 to a size 4. Read More »

Strength in Numbers – Support Services

It’s not unusual for patients to to feel alone in their struggle to manage weight loss. Connecting and participating with a support group is a critical part of a successful outcome. Read more about weight-loss surgery patients and the community and encouragement they find through Surgical Clinic of Louisiana’s monthly support group services. Read More »

A Recipe for Life – Sleeve Gastrectomy

We New Orleanians have a tendency to fall into an unhealthy relationship with our food. Celebrity chef Graham Elliott found himself in the public spotlight struggling with his love of food and a life-threatening weight gain. Learn how Chef Graham created a recipe for a healthy lifestyle with the help of a sleeve gastrectomy. Read More »

Understanding Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgery can produce significant and sustained results for patients who have been unable to control their weight.

However, there are several different procedures and a lot of terminology floating out there in the world of weight loss surgery. Bariatrics. Lap-bands. BMI. Balloons. Gastric bypass. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. So what does it all mean? Read More »