Success Story – Seclesia Johnson

As a medical professional, Seclesia Johnson had access to a lot of information about her health. However, it was her surgeon who played a pivotal role in changing her life. In her Success Story, Seclesia explains how she researched every aspect of the surgery, and the surgeon, that helped her take control of her life. Read More »

Understanding the Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve gastrectomy, laparoscopy, macro-nutrients -- there’s a lot of terminology around bariatric surgery that can make your head spin. Fortunately, the concepts aren’t that complicated, as long as a knowledgeable professional explains them. Dr. Todd Belott gives the 411 on the most popular bariatric procedure and answers frequently asked questions about the sleeve gastrectomy. Read More »

Fast Food Fitness Tracker?

McDonald's is recalling millions of fitness trackers sold with Happy Meals. Why? Check out Scott Stein's hilarious CNET review of of the now-unavailable Happy Meal Step-It.

Spoiler alert: it tracked eating french fries better than steps!

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Success Story – Peggy Malouse

Peggy had heard of bariatric surgery but never saw it as a viable possibility for herself. After a consultation with Dr. Belott, she knew she was ready. Read more and watch Peggy's inspirational testimonial video where she describes life after dropping from a size 30 to a size 4. Read More »

Strength in Numbers – Support Services

It’s not unusual for patients to to feel alone in their struggle to manage weight loss. Connecting and participating with a support group is a critical part of a successful outcome. Read more about weight-loss surgery patients and the community and encouragement they find through Surgical Clinic of Louisiana’s monthly support group services. Read More »