Thanksgiving After Bariatric Surgery

Thanksgiving after bariatric surgery is a time when we can focus on the great changes happening in your life. However, Thanksgiving and other large family gatherings can be a real challenge for anyone focused on nutritional choices and controlling their food intake.

In today's blog post we take a closer look at how to successfully survive the stress, anxiety and temptations of Thanksgiving after bariatric surgery. Read More »

Dr. Treen to Present at National Conference

David C. Treen, Jr. MD will attend the national conference ObesityWeek here in New Orleans. ObesityWeek is the combined annual meeting of The Obesity Society (TOS) and the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS). This national conference has grown to be one of the world’s largest gatherings of obesity professionals presenting cutting-edge research. Read More »

Diet Tips After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

While a mix of lean proteins, grains, fruits, vegetables and dairy is recommended by the USDA, there’s a lot of room for interpretation. Bariatric patients face unique dietary challenges. In today's blog post, we share a few tips that help hit the ultimate goal - Get full faster and stay full longer while providing adequate nutrition for your body. Read More »

Success Story – Seclesia Johnson

As a medical professional, Seclesia Johnson had access to a lot of information about her health. However, it was her surgeon who played a pivotal role in changing her life. In her Success Story, Seclesia explains how she researched every aspect of the surgery, and the surgeon, that helped her take control of her life. Read More »

Understanding the Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve gastrectomy, laparoscopy, macro-nutrients -- there’s a lot of terminology around bariatric surgery that can make your head spin. Fortunately, the concepts aren’t that complicated, as long as a knowledgeable professional explains them. Dr. Todd Belott gives the 411 on the most popular bariatric procedure and answers frequently asked questions about the sleeve gastrectomy. Read More »